coinpass | How to: Card Deposit Adding Fiat Funds

Adding Fiat Funds via Debit & Credit Card

If you have an expired debit card, or simply looking to remove cards from your coinpass account, you can remove cards with just a few clicks.
1. Navigate to your “Wallets” page

2. Select Deposit

3. Select “GBP” or “EURO” from the Asset dropdown

4. Select Card from the selector

5. Select your saved card or add a new card by following this guide

6. Click continue

7. Enter the amount of GBP or EURO you wish to depositinto your coinpass account
   a.      The fee calculation will show you a totalbreakdown of all fees for the transaction

8. Click submit

9. Your card will be debited instantly and youraccount credited
Your deposit amount will now be adding to your coinpass account minus any transactions fees.

Happy trading!
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