coinpass | How to: 2-Factor Authentication (2FA) via coinpass Instant

2-Factor Authentication (2FA)

2-Factor Authentication (2FA) is the method of securing your coinpass account with additional layers of security.

It is imperative that a strong password, as well as Two Factor Authentication (2FA), is used on a website that holds sensitive, confidential, or financial information.

To enable 2FA on your account, please perform the following:

1. Login to your coinpass account.

2. Go to the Security Settings tab.

3. Go to the Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) tab and click the Secure Now button.
4. Download either the Google Authenticator or the Authy App onto your mobile device.

5. Click the Next button.

6. Scan the QR code, then click Next.
7. Enter the 2FA code on your mobile device.

8. Click Secure Account.
8. You are all set. Your account is now secured with 2-Factor Authentication.

Note: If you will encounter any technical and account-related concerns, kindly send an email to or click the help button chat from to attend your concerns via LIVE chat. We are happy to assist daily from 07:00 AM to 12:00 MN UK time.
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