A special Podcast episode of Crypto Legends "coinpass: Unlocking Crypto for Limited Companies" hosted by Adam Bialy of Fiat Republic. The episode's guest is the CEO and Co-Founder of coinpass.com, Jeff Hancock - who is originally from Australia. Jeff spent sixteen years in technology looking after hotel casinos and data centers and most recently helped SoftBank design technical infrastructure for large retail FinTech and investment companies in the UK.

coinpass itself has the vision to blur the line between crypto and banking into a single digital layer and build a safe, compliant, and regulated way for investors and businesses to access the digital asset space.

The Fiat Republic is a Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS) platform on a mission to help crypto break into the mainstream by cracking the banking code. The Fiat Republic platform was built to make the clients' lives easier - solve fiat challenges with a developer-first API.

When Jeff was asked how he really got into crypto: "It goes back to one of my earlier tech jobs when I was looking at data centers. Back in 2013, it must have been, I'd never touched a stock, share, or invested before. We had a very bullish CEO that would say yes to everything and figure the rest out later so that's how I got such a wide repertoire of different tech from everything from VMware, virtualization, switches, VoIP telephony, and then, one day, some financial services come along said our data has been locked and the hacker is demanding Bitcoin, can you help us, and of course, the answer was yes. So I had to learn Bitcoin in a very short amount of time. I think it was about two days maybe. Set up a wallet and kind of get it done."

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This Episode's Guest - Jeff Hancock from coinpass.com
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