coinpass | How to: How to Setup Auto-Trade via coinpass Instant

Setup Auto-Trade - Dollar Cost Averaging

The Dollar cost averaging (DCA) strategy is the easiest way to take the stress out of buying crypto daily, weekly, or monthly directly from your bank account.
  1. Navigate to Finance > Auto-Trade.
  2. Click Add Auto-Trading.
  3. Select whether you would prefer to execute recurring Buy or Sell.
  4. Select which token you wish to purchase. E.g. Bitcoin
  5. Select the base currency to buy with. E.g. GBP or EUR
  6. Select how often you want to Auto-Trade.
  7. Set the amount you wish to trade each time

    Optionally, check the box to enable your full balance to be traded on each fiat deposit. E.g. £100 deposit from your bank and trade the Max into Bitcoin.

  8. Setup a Standing Order from your bank account to deposit your set amount go fiat currency (GBP or EUR) to transfer to the coinpass Limited bank account details.
  9. Ensure you add your Unique ID in the Payment Reference when setting up your Standing Order.
  10. Let coinpass Auto-Trade do the rest and build the portfolio for you.
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