Upcoming Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Fork - November 15th

coinpass bitcoin cash fork

The coinpass team are aware of the upcoming potential BCH contentious fork occurring November 15th 2020.

This fork has occurred from the rift in the Bitcoin Cash development community for the introduction of an 8% miner fee per block to go back to a pool of development addresses. Currently, 85% of the miner hashing power for BCH have updated to the BCHN version of the client indicated a lack of support for this 8% miner fee update.

For the upcoming potential fork, coinpass.com will support one of the two scenarios should they occur:

1) If no fork happens at the proposed date, and the fork fails all BCH tokens will carry on the existing chain known as BCHN. The ticker on coinpass.com will remain as BCH.

2) If a contentious fork occurs and two chains are created, BCHN & BCHA, support for the two chains will be assessed after the event while the chains are stabilised. Coinpass.com users with active BCH balances before the fork will be contacted to supply a supported BCHA external wallet address to receive their forked tokens. Trading for BCHA will not be supported on coinpass.com immediately after the fork but trading pairs may be accessed in the future.

We will be halting trading for the BCH pair at 10:00am GMT on the Friday 13/11/2020 in preparation for the fork split ahead of the weekend planned updates.

Trading will resume Monday 16/11/2020 after chain stabilisation has been established.

Coinpass reserves the right to update the treatment of the chain split at any time as market conditions evolve.