But how do you actually invest in Ripple, and what kind of results should you expect from your investments if you get started right away?

If you have had any thoughts about trying to buy XRP for yourself, then it is not a bad idea to look into how you can invest - especially if you want to get ahead of the curve.

What are Ripple Labs and Ripple XRP?

Ripple is the name of both the Ripple Labs platform - called Ripple - and the cryptocurrency itself, called Ripple (XRP). XRP was created to streamline international payments through RippleNet, a custom-made payment network that was supposed to create seamless cryptocurrency exchange options.

Of course, when you buy XRP, you can also use it like any digital asset. This means that you can sell and buy XRP for fiat currency, engage in XRP trading for other cryptocurrencies, add it to your crypto wallets, or even purchase XRP to use as a full currency for buying goods online.

When you invest in Ripple XRP, you can use it on any platform that supports XRP, exchange, or otherwise. While it is part of the Ripple platform, Ripple XRP is still just as versatile as something like Bitcoin, so it serves all of the same functions and roles outside of the Ripple network.

The XRP Ledger

The XRP ledger is the Ripple blockchain, a public system for settling trades and transactions. XRP was designed to work with the XRP ledger, although you can also buy XRP and take it outside of the ledger system itself.

If you buy Ripple (XRP), then you are generally buying Ripple that was taken from the ledger system through authenticating transactions. XRP can't be mined, so you always have to buy XRP from somebody who earned it through using the platform itself (or who ended up buying XRP from another person).

The XRP Controversy

There was a minor case in 2022 where a large proportion of XRP given to stakeholders in Ripple violated important security laws. While this issue has mostly been resolved, the original lawsuit from the Securities and Exchange Commission is still fresh on many people's minds.

Do not let this make you doubt XRP, though. Both the Ripple platform and the XRP currency are excellent at what they do, and they can serve a number of roles across different platforms. The XRP lawsuit was a one-off situation that has never been repeated since.

Investing in Ripple XRP

You can buy XRP with both fiat currency and other digital assets, but only in two specific ways: either getting it from a third party directly or using a crypto exchange.

Since crypto exchanges are much safer and the more popular option overall, we will be going into detail about how to invest in Ripple using a crypto platform and how to choose a platform that you can trust. Finding the right platform to buy XRP from is extremely important. Check Ripple price GBP at coinpass.

Choosing a Crypto Exchange

A crypto exchange is a primary platform you will buy XRP from most of the time. If you are unaware, an exchange is a place for you to buy and sell XRP and other currencies with ease or even trade for them using other cryptocurrencies.

An exchange is like an online marketplace. When you buy crypto from one, you are buying that crypto from another person. Your options will vary depending on which crypto types the exchange supports, so not all of them will allow you to sell or buy XRP directly.

The exchange that you choose is extremely important and not just due to their crypto offerings.  Changing to a new platform can alter everything from your transaction fees to the ways that XRP holders can spend and trade their crypto, especially if you plan to start purchasing XRP from that platform as well.


Always choose a secure platform. If your bank account information or personal financial details are at risk, then there is a high chance of credit card info being taken or your crypto assets being stolen. The best way to counter this is to not be vulnerable in the first place.

A good exchange protects customers and client funds, so finding a platform with a lot of security features is extremely beneficial. Sites or platforms that require heavy identity verification upon signing up also help since these methods are designed to prevent scam or spam accounts from joining up.


A higher site speed is important for any crypto platform. An exchange that lags and loads slowly might be harder to use for short-notice crypto trades and can become a massive inconvenience if you are trying to micromanage your Ripple XRP trades.

Faster information updates also help a lot. If a platform is drawing information from major financial institutions, then you want as much up-to-date info as possible, and that means that faster updates or refreshes are always better than slower ones.


The more useful features a platform has, the better. Even something simple, like a built-in crypto wallet and crypto wallet address to store your coins, might be really important for a new trader who is just starting out.

Consumer protection features are always going to be some of the most important since they keep your crypto safe and help you carry out payments or trades risk-free.


A platform needs to match your personal requirements. A new trader is not going to want an in-depth market platform with high commission trading fees each time you settle transactions, especially if they have not even learned how to buy Ripple (XRP) yet.

On the other hand, seasoned crypto investors will probably want more information and platform features. They already know how to buy Ripple directly and are looking for the leading exchange that can provide them with the services they need to trade at a higher volume.

Why Use Crypto Exchanges?

Exchanges are not major financial institutions – they are simply a place to buy Ripple (XRP) and other currencies like Bitcoin, often with low fees (deposit fees, withdrawal fees or trading fees). In theory, this makes them little more than an online marketplace to process transactions.

However, most exchanges open you up to global transactions through Blockchain technology. Many exchanges also offer a range of useful features that can be important for trading a new crypto type, such as added scam protection.

If you want to invest in XRP, exchanges are the best place to start, especially as a first-time trader with limited experience.

They are a dedicated crypto space that allows you to invest in XRP through a credit card, bank transfer, wire transfer or another crypto in your digital wallet, all while remaining legitimate and safe. On top of that, they can show you a real-time breakdown of XRP's overall price.

Exchanges are also the easiest way to buy Ripple XRP on demand. Whether you plan to use them on the Ripple ledger or not, exchanges give you multiple easy ways to buy a range of currencies using your preferred payment method.

How to Buy XRP from Exchanges

Once you are actually established on a site, you need to understand how you can buy XRP properly. Many people who are not familiar with the purchasing methods of these platforms can find it hard to actually get started with buying Ripple XRP, but the process is not hard once you get used to it.

Choose a Platform

Find a trading platform that you want to use. It is important to choose one that you think you might use again in the near future since this gives you less hassle later on than if you realize you actually want to change the site that you are using.

There is not the best overall platform, so just choose the one that suits your needs the most. If you are not sure what to look for, then just spend some time thinking about the king of trades you want to make and how active you plan to be in the crypto world as a whole.

Sign Up

Signing up to a new platform means going through verification checks and other important steps, but it should not take too long. Remember to keep an eye on the platform just in case - you want to make sure you have not accidentally stumbled into a scam site, although this is rare if you are choosing reputable platforms like coinpass.

Getting signed up requires different steps depending on the platform since not all of them are identical or run in similar software. Take your time and review all options you are given before you fully sign up, just to make sure you do not miss anything.

Some may allow alternate registration methods, such as using your Facebook login. Whether or not you use these is up to you - they can be faster than creating a normal login but also require you to have (and want to connect) an account on another platform.

Connect a Payment Method

Figure out which payment providers you can use, then get set up and connect one to the site. You will need this to actually buy Bitcoin, XRP or other cryptocurrencies. This could be anything from a wire transfer to a debit card or credit card number.

Just make sure that your credit card issuer is accepted by the platform - many will only allow debit card payments since a debit card can't let you go over your current budget and makes it a safer option for them overall.

Not all payment methods are accepted on all platforms, but you can usually check ahead of time to see what is. Never assume that one is available without looking first, or you might be stuck scrambling to set up another payment option.


Once you are all signed up, you can actually try to buy XRP. Whether you are using your debit card or something else entirely, you just have to head to the XRP currency section of the platform and buy some. Take a look at XRP's price beforehand so that you do not buy too much or go over your budget.

After you make an XRP purchase, you will usually see the XRP (along with anything else you have purchased, like Bitcoin) go into a free wallet on the platform.

You can tie this back to your coinpass account or transfer it to another wallet (such as a mobile wallet app or hardware wallet device).

Either way, XRP trades are global transactions. Once you buy some, blockchain technology means that your coins are your own, transferred directly to you. Your wallet on the site usually has a private key (as would any hardware wallet), and private keys mean that only you can access the money within your own wallet. Check Ripple price GBP at coinpass.

How to Invest in Ripple Carefully

Buying XRP gets you the currency just fine, but if you are trading Ripple, it helps to be more careful with how you are using it. It is not hard to make a debit card payment and get some XRP sent to your hardware wallet, but trading Ripple in a smart way can make all the difference.

Buy at the right time

Like all crypto types, Ripple is best bought when its value is low, but it is starting to swing high again. This is the main way of making money through crypto trading - buying low and selling high.

However, this does not just apply to trades. Ripple value will change over time even if you keep the coins for yourself, and that means that you can wait until they're valuable to use them. Understanding the current value is important to use it at the most efficient time.

For example, if you are buying a load of software from an online storefront using Ripple, you will want to wait until Ripple reaches a higher value. This means that you can buy more per coin than you would have been able to when Ripple was valued less, getting more for your investment. Check Ripple price GBP at coinpass.

Have a strategy

Ripple, like many other online currencies, is hard to predict. However, this should not stop you from having a strategy that you stick to, especially if you want to avoid scams and crypto sharks.

Following at least a basic plan makes it extremely easy to keep to your own limits when you are trading and can make it a lot harder to spend more than you can afford. Be careful and do not overextend with your own finances, especially if you are making risky moves.

It is also important to make sure that you are not influenced by opinions expressed online or in major publications: some people may praise Bitcoin over XRP purely to inflate their own Bitcoin holdings, for example.

Consider the long-term

XRP is best traded over a long period of time since it gives you more of an idea of how the currency will rise and fall. The more you know about the way that the value will change, the easier it becomes to use that information to your advantage.

Looking at the data can help, but coins like XRP are often hard to predict - you need to really trade XRP to get a feel for how it rises, falls, and changes in demand.

Think about what you plan to gain from long-term trading, too. XRP can be a great way to earn money, but it is also a great currency for diversifying your existing crypto portfolio. The Ripple platform that XRP is attached to can also be a great place to spend your effort.

Look things up

If you are not sure about how certain parts of XRP and its original platform work, then you can always just look it up in your browser search bar. Doing some simple research is never a bad thing, and it can provide a lot more context for particular value changes.

It never hurts to know more about the currencies that you buy. This is especially true with crypto types like XRP since they have additional functions on specific platforms that can really make a difference depending on your goals.

Knowing more about XRP as a whole can be a great way to explore new avenues of using your crypto for other purposes or just learning more about the blockchain in general. Blockchain technology can be fascinating, and many people overlook it, assuming that it is just for moving crypto around.


A large part of crypto trading is taking risks, and playing things safely is not always going to give you the experience that you actually want. Be prepared to experiment and take extra risks, especially when it comes to trading your crypto.

It is important to make these choices carefully, though. For example, instead of betting all of your XRP on a spike that might not happen, make sure you keep some in reserve so that you can bounce back if you end up losing some due to a sudden drop in value.