Despite the fact it is not as widely known, Ripple is older than Bitcoin and has a greater history in the market which may be why you are looking to buy XRP in the first place.

The XRP ledger is developed by Ripple Labs and is now recognised by the Securities and Exchange Commission as one of the most common crypto exchanges across the world. Like any other digital asset, the XRP ledger fluctuates in value which can determine when it is the best time to buy.

If you are interested in learning how to buy XRP and want to start trading XRP across the globe, then you have come to the right place.

In this guide, we are sharing the best way to purchase XRP as well as sharing everything you need to know about the XRP ledger as a whole.

What is Ripple (XRP)?

Before you can get into XRP trading, you first need to understand what this cryptocurrency is and how it may impact your personal finance.

Ripple Labs, the company behind this cryptocurrency, was established in 2004, meaning it predates the most popular cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, by four years. It would not be until 2013 that Ripple Labs developed the XRP ledger, which used the same decentralized ledger concept as Bitcoin, as well as their own currency, which could be used across the system.

When we say you want to buy Ripple, we are referring to the token XRP, which is used across the Ripple blockchain. There are three main parts to the Ripple name that you should become familiar with before you buy XRP:

  • XRP blockchain ledger: This is an open-source, public blockchain that processes the digital payments and supports XRP.
  • XRP cryptocurrency: This is the native cryptocurrency of Ripple and is used to transfer or trade the XRP ledger throughout the blockchain.
  • Ripple: This is the money transfer network that was designed to support cross-border payments. Ripple works similar to the Swift technology used for other currencies.

When we talk about buying XRP, we are referring to the token that is used on the Ripple blockchain and can be used by financial institutions across the globe.

How To Buy XRP?

Now that you understand what is involved in XRP trading and how this cryptocurrency works, it is time to learn how and where you can buy XRP. Digital assets like this are becoming widely available due to their increased popularity.

Many people are turning to the Ripple network or similar cryptocurrencies to settle transactions because of the consumer protection and privacy it affords. In many places, it is possible to use XRP to pay for goods and services, which can be much safer than using traditional methods, such as your debit card, especially when working online.

The privacy and security afforded by XRP and other crypto is the reason why these are considered to be the future of all transactions. These offer freedom and flexibility that has not been afforded before, and XRP is currently one of the most popular methods that provide these benefits, alongside Bitcoin.

This is why it is easier than ever before to buy a cryptocurrency, and there are many options across the Internet.

However, while there are many ways to buy crypto assets these days, if you are looking to buy XRP instantly, then you should use cryptocurrency exchanges. A cryptocurrency exchange can be a mobile app or a website that gives crypto investors access to all forms of crypto, including XRP, where they can buy, sell and trade XRP.

If you are looking for the Ripple ledger and want to be able to buy XRP instantly, then registering to a platform like Binance exchange or coinpass is the best way to go.

Many crypto transactions take place on these sites, and it makes buying Ripple incredibly easy, which is why everyone should consider using a crypto exchange site first before they go elsewhere for this kind of token.

How To Use Crypto Exchanges?

To buy Ripple through a cryptocurrency exchange site, you first need to register and make an account. With an account, you will not only be able to buy Ripple XRP but also other cryptocurrencies that are available, as well as be open to other options such as trading or selling crypto.

To get started with these kinds of platforms, you need to:

Step One: Register To The Exchange

There are now many options for these kinds of financial institutions across the internet, as the use of cryptocurrency is becoming increasingly popular. Crypto exchanges can be one of the easiest ways to buy XRP and other cryptocurrencies, but this does not mean you should dive into the first one you find.

When you are looking to purchase XRP, you will have many options for places to go, and you will need to consider which are the best XRP holders out there for your needs. Many sites allow you to buy XRP, so you should consider your needs as well as the security offered by the website, the current XRP price, which can be highly volatile, as well as the other cryptocurrencies which are available in the same place.

Buying XRP can be easy when using one of these platforms, and it can be done across all devices.

Once you have found a good place to buy Ripple, you will need to make an account. Most crypto exchanges do not support XRP exchange without a verified account, so it is best to do this first. With an account, you can not only buy XRP but also sell XRP and any other cryptocurrency you are interested in if the exchange supports this.

The registration process is similar to any other site or app you have signed up for in the past. It requires personal information, such as name, address, and date of birth so that you can create a log-in.

Step Two: Verify Your Identity

As you are dealing with financial transactions and there is a lot of private information being used, most exchanges will have a verification process that is required by all users.

This requires more than your standard Facebook login, as the consensus mechanism on exchanges requires proof of identity, which can take the form of a passport, birth certificate, or addressed letters such as a debit card statement or utility bill.

This is a way for the leading exchange platform to determine who will be using the account and to ensure the highest level of security possible.

This is a process that can be completed within minutes with the right documents and is required before you can start buying XRP, Bitcoin, or any other currency available at the site.

Step Three: Deposit Cash Into Your Account

You can buy cryptocurrency using fiat currency, but you first need this in your account.

Before any transaction can take place, you need to have some kind of deposit in your account.  Most sites support a range of payment providers, such as debit card, credit card, bank transfer, and e-wallet transactions, which you can use to deposit into your account and start buying XRP.

Please note that transaction fees may apply depending on the payment method you choose.

Opening A Crypto Wallet

One of the greatest pieces of investment advice that could be given to a newbie is to open a crypto wallet. Much like a traditional wallet, where you keep your credit card or debit card in real life, you can store XRP somewhere more secure.

While many exchanges offer a free wallet to users, this may not be the most secure option and it is not always the best place for trading pairs to take place long-term.

To protect your transactions and secure all private keys, you should consider opening a crypto wallet elsewhere. When you buy Ripple (XRP), you will be given a private key that gives you access to the blockchain, and this is what will be used in all transactions.

Crypto wallets are a way of keeping this information safe and providing an additional layer of security to your private keys, which is a good idea to consider when you are wanting to buy XRP and start trading.

Once you have used your credit card or debit card to buy XRP, you want to keep your assets safe, which is what a wallet is for.

There are several kinds of crypto wallets that you can choose from, including:

  • Hardware wallet: This is a way of storing a private key on a separate hard drive or USB disc, which is heavily encrypted to keep information safe.
  • Mobile wallet: As the name suggests, this is where any native token will be kept secure on your phone through an encrypted app that can be accessed whenever you are connected to the Internet.
  • Paper wallet: Similar to a hardware wallet, this is the way of storing your information outside of your device, but this requires you to essentially write down the private key onto a piece of paper which will be needed every time you want to use your XRP or another ledger.

With an online wallet address and seed phrase, which is your unique log-in to access any native token you have purchased, you can keep your assets safe and secure. Wallets can be used to buy Ripple XRP, as well as send XRP to other users, or even handle client funds, depending on your requirements.

How Much XRP Should I Buy?

Purchasing XRP can be a great trading option for crypto investors, but this will vary based on the current price chart. As with any other currency, the current XRP address is highly volatile, which means the price can fluctuate greatly.

This means you should continuously check the price of XRP before deciding to buy it. These prices will be listed on any exchange platform you consider, although trading fees may apply and should be assessed before determining the best time to buy XRP.

You can check the latest prices for any form of cryptocurrency, including XRP, through the search bar of any exchange platform or set notifications for the specific currency you are interested in. Before entering your credit card or debit card details to buy XRP, make sure you can get the best price.

The whole purpose of buying XRP or any other currency is to make a profit on it later down the line. This means you first need to buy XRP for the best price to ensure you are getting the greatest deal.

Exchanges make it easy to keep track of the price of XRP and allow you to see the price history, which can be used in forecasting and trading.

XRP is a volatile currency that can fluctuate in value greatly depending on the current market and the number of people using it, so this is why you need to keep track of the price and determine when the best time for you to buy XRP will be.

The amount of XRP you should buy will vary based on your needs and current budget.  XRP can be used widely across the globe in trading, transactions, and paying for services, so you may have many reasons for being interested in Ripple. XRP can vary in price based on the current market and the popularity of the currency, which is something that should be assessed if you are wanting to make a profit from your efforts.

Many of the exchange sites out there will offer ongoing advice and can provide an insight into the price history of XRP, which can be used to help you determine how much you are willing to spend as well as what you are wanting to use this current for.


XRP is a highly popular form of crypto that is being used across the internet for trading, buying, and selling. XRP has a longer history than the more popular form of crypto and is becoming volatile in the market due to this.

Like other forms of cryptocurrency, XRP is being widely accepted in transactions and can now be used to pay for goods and services, as well as in trading.

There are many ways that you can buy XRP across the internet, but using an exchange platform may be the easiest. Here you can see the current process of XRP as well as any other available currency and buy XRP based on your needs.

It is recommended for all traders to open a separate wallet to store XRP or another crypto as this can offer an additional layer of security, but this can also be easily found through online platforms. Once you have found a good place to buy XRP, it is a great idea to have a secure place to keep it that can give you easy access to your tokens.

There are many benefits to buying XRP, and it can be a good part of your investment portfolio when done right.