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Claim your £15 bonus when you trade your first £500 of crypto.

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Register  an Account

Register an account and complete the verification
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Trade £500 worth of crypto

Trade £500 or more to unlock your reward(s)
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Recieve £15

30 days after your first £500 of trading volume, your bonus is credited to your account

Why do people choose coinpass?

The UK's trusted crypto exchange

Here are a few reasons why you should choose coinpass - Best UK Crypto Exchange 2020.

Secured crypto assets

All assets are secured with air-gapped, biometric, multi-sig wallet, and banking tier operational controls.
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Multi-account support

We understand your personal and business needs.
Separate your funds with multiple coinpass accounts to suit your business and tax needs.
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Putting people into crypto

At coinpass, we believe in customer satisfaction and customer care. That's why our highly-trained support and operations teams are available 24/7 to answer your questions.


How do I claim my £15 Bonus?

  • Signup and register your coinpass account and pass basic verification
  • Trade £500 or more of crypto on your coinpass account
  • After 30-days have passed and funds have not been withdrawn, your account will be credited with a £15 bonus

When will I receive my bonus?

  • After trading £500 worth of crypto and 30-days have passed, your account will be credited with £15
  • All reward payouts are calculated at 11:00am UTC daily

Why haven't I received my bonus?

  • 30 days have not yet passed since first trading at least £500 worth of crypto
  • If any funds are withdrawn from the exchange within the 30-day period, the £15 bonus is forfeit

If I refer a friend, is there a bonus?

  • Yes! If you refer a friend and they follow the same steps, you will also receive an additional £15
  • Your friend must trade at least £500 or more of crypto and claim their bonus after 30-days

How many friends can I invite?

  • Unlimited. You can invite as many friends as you like
  • Your first five (5) friend-invites are eligable for a £15 bonus
  • Further invites will be eligible for 20% trading fee comissions

I invited my friend, but no bonus?

  • Users must claim their own £15 bonus before being eligable for additional referral rewards
  • Your friend may have not yet traded £500 or more
  • 30 days have not yet passed
  • You've exceed your five (5) referrals
  • When your fifth (5th) referral is claimed, your account will be eligable for 20% of your referrals future trading fees

What can i spend my rewards on?

  • All rewards and bonuses are creditted to your account in your local currency (GBP, EUR, etc)
  • Some promotions will be creditted directly in crypto where stated
  • All rewards can only be traded into crypto
  • Rewards cannot be directly withdrawn to your bank account