coinpass | How to: Fiat Bank Transfer - Deposit Instructions

Make a GBP or EUR Fiat Deposit from your bank

Making a withdrawal via coinpass Instant platform is made simple.

coinpass is actively working with trusted UK and EUR banks to provide the fastest, most secure, and frictionless banking experience for fiat to crypto investments.

If you wish to deposit your fiat to your wallet, please perform the following:
  1. Log in to your coinpass Instant account at:
  2. Click the Wallets from the dropdown menu in the top-right.
  3. Select the Deposit tab.
  4. Select GBP or EUR from the asset drop-down.
  5. Take careful note of the details in the left-hand corner of the box, this is your Unique Reference ID.
  6. Log in to your Internet banking or banking app.
  7. Add a New Payee.
  8. Select Individual.
  9. Add the Payee Name as "coinpass Ltd".
  10. Add our Bank Account Number and Sort Code.
  11. Save and Continue.
When making your next deposit, use the Unique Reference ID found on your coinpass account deposit page. Using this ID, it validates your deposit to our banking systems and ensures your deposit is instantly matched and credited.
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