coinpass | How to: Crypto Withdrawal via coinpass Instant

How to make a Crypto Withdrawal

Withdrawing cryptocurrencies from your coinpass wallet is made simple and easy.

In performing crypto deposits, please do the following:
1. Log in to your coinpass account at

2. Click the Wallets from the dropdown menu in the top-right.

3. Click the Withdraw from the left navigation pane.

4. Select the destination wallet address from the whitelisted addresses. If no wallet address is displaying kindly refer to this link.
5. Enter the crypto amount to be withdrawn.
6. Enter the 6-digit MFA code from your selected 2fa app like Google Authenticator or Authy.

7. Click the Send code button, this will send a code to your registered email address.

8. Click the Withdraw button to complete the transaction.

9. After successful confirmations in the blockchain the assets should arrive to the destination wallet address.
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