coinpass | How to: Profit and Loss Positions

Profit and Loss Positions

When using Advanced Trade, you can monitor your individual positions in different crypto assets using the Positions window. This window shows an up-to-the-second calculation of what your current positions are plus other relevant information.

What is Position Trading?

Position Trading is the act or practice of buying or holding. It occurs when a trader buys crypto, stock, or security and does not sell it until it is in profit or hits a certain Stop-Loss level. If the security is a stock or otherwise does not have a maturity date, the trader may choose to hold this position indefinitely.

Current Positions

The Current Positions are the status of all bought crypto.

Open Orders

The Open Orders are those orders that are not filled.

For example:

Example 1: Let's say that BTC is 25,000 GBP.  You can put a Limit Buy at 19,000 GBP. This would be an Open Order as you are waiting to buy at 19,000 GBP.

Example 2: Let's say that you own 1 BTC and the Bitcoin's price is 35,000 GBP, but you think it will be 40,000 GBP at some point you can put in a Limit Order to sell your BTC at 40,000 GBP.  This order will sit in Open Orders until it is filled.


Assets are a list of all cryptos you trade.

Qty or Quantity

Quantity is the number of cryptocurrencies you bought.


Price is the amount of the crypto you bought.


Valuation is the approximate amount of crypto the next time you plan to sell it.

Unrealised PnL

Unrealised PnL (Profit and Loss) is an indicator of how much profit or loss it may incur.
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