coinpass | How to: Making a Crypto Trade - Mobile

Making a crypto trade  | Mobile

To make a trade on the coinpass mobile app:
  1. Login to your mobile app.
  2. Click the Convert icon on the sub-menu or click on one of the crypto trading pairs on the Prices home screen.
  3. Select what currency you want to spend from. E.g. GBP British Pounds
  4. Select what crypto asset you want to buy to. E.g. Bitcoin BTC
  5. Select the amount you want to Buy.

    You can also select the percentage of your chosen spending amount (From) with the sliding bar. (25% -> 100% of account balance)
  6. Press Convert.
  7. You will be presented with all the details of your trade.

    Trade amount
    Total proceeds

  8. Click Execute to confirm your trade.
Once executed, all balances will be updated on your mobile app.
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