coinpass | How to: coinpass 4.0 Upgrade – Migrate your account

coinpass 4.0 Upgrade – Migrate your account

Migrate and upgrade your existing account to our latest platform to experience a full suite of crypto trading, investment, earning, and storing crypto products and apps.

Migrating your coinpass account to our latest 4.0 platform takes only a few minutes.

1. Go to:

2. Enter your existing login details.

Note: If your old password is not accepted by the system, please go to Password Reset via login screen.

3. Update your password.

4. Re-enable your 2-Factor Authentication (2FA) code on your mobile device. Upon upgrading your account, your existing 2-Factor Authentication (2FA) security will be removed and will be required to generate a fresh 2FA code. Learn more about securing your account with 2-Factor Authentication (2FA) here.
5. Your account is now upgraded to our latest platform.

6. Login again to

7. You will now be logged into the new coinpass 4.0 platform.
**IMPORTANT** Please remember to re-enable your 2-Factor Authentication (2FA) with your Authy or Google Authenticator App.
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