HODL.nl partner with coinpass.com Award-winning Cryptocurrency Exchange

HODL.nl partners with coinpass.com

The team at coinpass are delighted to announce our newest trading broker partner HODL.nl.

coinpass is a UK based, cryptocurrency trading platform recently voted "Best Cryptocurrency Exchange 2020". With our line of products and platforms for retail investors, businesses, and OTC brokers, the coinpass.com team is happy to be expanding with new partnerships in Europe with the team from HODL.nl .

HODL.nl is a Dutch AFM registered investment manager who offers a range of Fund structures for investing and trading in various cryptocurrency markets for High Net Worth Investors in Europe and now can offer their services to UK investors via coinpass.com.

HODL's management team consisting of Maurice Mureau, Nick Friedrich, and Peter van Dam, have created a simple and safe way to invest in crypto and grow your portfolio over a large number of diversified currencies using HODL.nl’s proprietary trading strategy algorithms and trading bots.

CEO of coinpass Limited Jeff Hancock commented: “The key to growing and maturing the market is having regulated and well run asset managers and trading funds in the space that know what they are doing. The team at HODL.nl have brought their extensive expertise from traditional finance into crypto and many High Net Worth Investors with them. I’m anticipating that more funds will come to the crypto-asset market to attempt to mimic HODL.nl’s success.With more regulated fund managers trading in the crypto-asset space, this will undoubtedly bring a heard of new investors to space for the next bull market cycle.”

HODL.nl’s CEO Maurice Mureau added: “We are very proud to partner with coinpass which has been awarded Best Crypto Exchange Platform 2020. Their expertise in, and knowledge of the crypto market will benefit our clients and our business. Coinpass will be able to provide access and liquidity to the market with reliable and quality service."

Peter van Dam, CFO of HODL commented, “The Hodl Genesis fund is one of the leading cryptocurrency investment funds in the market today because of the very well-designed fund base. The fund is under the umbrella of the Dutch AFM, the management team has many years of experience both in the cryptocurrency markets and the traditional investment markets. We have a high-level team of traders, analysts and fundamental market researchers who are constantly checking new opportunities and positions. Additionally, we are running our own in house developed algo trading bots and we are involved in numerous of staking and baking programs.

Internationally working together with strong local / regional experienced partners to expand in a fast but controlled way is the right business development model for us. coinpass and their professional track record fits very well in this framework and scope of cooperation which resulted in an official partnership between us. We see many synergetic advantages and are honoured with this partnership and looking forward to a long-term fruitful collaboration with coinpass”.

We are already seeing the first indications of institutional adoption of blockchain and cryptocurrencies and we expect an acceleration in 2021. It is great that coinpass and HODL.nl can contribute to the financial system of the future together.