coinpass Partners with WeWork Blockchain Labs as a Mentor Partner

WeWork Labs

coinpass is a UK based Cryptocurrency Platform serving first-time investors, businesses and professional traders for Fiat-to-Crypto to help our clients Buy, Sell, Trade and Earn cryptocurrencies.

coinpass has a goal to set the benchmark for speed, reliability and premium quality customer service in the cryptocurrency space. By focusing on friction which plagues competitor platforms, coinpass excels with client on-boarding, fast deposits, secure withdraws and top quality customer service. coinpass takes immense pride in impressing every client, for every trade, every time.

WeWork has been an instrumental part of the start-up, fintech and Blockchain space. WeWork has fostered and incubated many unicorn status companies and countless rising star businesses across multiple sectors and now is bringing further emphasis on blockchain incubation into their workspaces.

The coinpass directors and founders are thrilled to be supporting WeWork Blockchain Labs as a mentor and guide to early startup and growth businesses. As a dedication to becoming a mentoring partner, we’ve started a new arm to our business, coinpass Startups. This arm will be dedicated to helping early-stage blockchain, fintech and crypto companies partner with a UK based cryptocurrency platform to assist with their go-to-market strategies faster and more efficient than building expensive banking, KYC, compliance and liquidity that’s required to onboard users into their own ecosystem.

The coinpass team looks forward to a long and helpful partnership with WeWork Blockchain Labs to assist and help early-stage businesses grow and prosper in the UK and beyond.

Special thanks go to our WeWork Labs liaise Scott Trowbridge for engaging with the coinpass founders to offer mentorship to the startups in the WeWork ecosystem.