The recent upgrade to the Litecoin Blockchain protocol named "MimbleWimble" will make identifying specific sender wallets and transaction amounts undetectable and thus will fall outside of our token listing compliance standards. coinpass will halt trading of Litecoin (LTC) across all markets until further notice.

coinpass users will be able to hold their existing Litecoin balances on the platform and withdraw to their external wallets at any time.

Deposits, withdrawals, and Litecoin balances remain unaffected. Trading markets for Litecoin across GBP, EUR, and stablecoins will be halted while we find a secure method for securing deposit and trading transactions to ensure a safe and compliant trading venue for all of our users.

coinpass will seek to re-enable Litecoin trading at a future date when Litecoin transactions can be matched to a sender wallet address and remain compliant with our exchange trading standards.