AiX Trade and coinpass announce OTC Trading Partnership

To increase coinpass’ ever-growing suite of products and services,have chosen to partner with AiX Trade for additional OTC liquidity and order matching.

AiXTrade is a revolutionary OTC trader-to-trader AI bot platform that instantly matches buyers and sellers in OTC markets. AiX’s proprietary AI OTC platform leverages zerohash’s secure settlement platform for BTC to GBP, BTC to USD, BTC to EUR, and many other currency pairs.

The coinpass global cryptocurrency on/off-ramp and trading platform has been serving retail investors, professional traders and businesses in the UK cryptocurrency space since 2018. The core focus of the coinpass suite of products and services has been to remove friction from the fiat to crypto and crypto to fiat conversion process. (gbp to btc, btc to gbp) Through our unique offering and banking partnerships, coinpass has grown into a premium service platform for retail, business, and institutional clients to access the cryptocurrency market in the UK.

By working with AiXTrade, coinpass will be able to offer even deeper liquidity for OTC orders for Bitcoin to GBP and other fiat currencies for their clients and partner network.