But how can you buy Ripple, and what is the best way to go about buying XRP if you are looking to actually trade it on a cryptocurrency exchange? The more you know about your available options, the easier it becomes to buy digital assets correctly and reliably.

What is Ripple (XRP)?

If you have not heard of Ripple (XRP) before, then it is important to understand that "Ripple" itself means multiple different things. Ripple Labs created the Ripple network and platform to trade Ripple (XRP) crypto assets. In the interests of clarity, most uses of Ripple/XRP here will refer to the currency.

Ever since the arrival of XRP in the UK, it has become another major inclusion on cryptocurrency exchanges. XRP tokens are part of the Ripple payment system, which is a global platform for cross-border payments and other crypto exchanges.

The Ripple network tries to centralise itself while still remaining decentralised. It uses a unique kind of blockchain system and is designed to rely on validation very heavily, allowing users to choose the people that they feel most comfortable validating their transactions.

Like any cryptocurrency, you can easily go about buying XRP on a cryptocurrency exchange, even if you do not engage with any of Ripple Labs' platforms or services. But is that really the best way to buy XRP in the UK?

When we talk about buying XRP, we are referring to the token that is used on the Ripple blockchain and can be used by financial institutions across the globe.

Why buy Ripple?

Ripple might be a distinct currency with its own unique purpose, but it is also just like any other digital asset - something that can be used for crypto trading. One of the key benefits of XRP is the speed of the transactions using it, which means that many owners actually treat it as a major payment tool.

Whether you want to become invested in crypto trading or just use XRP in the UK as a payment method, both are excellent uses of the token. It is fast, safe, reliable, and can be validated quickly, making it a high-demand and convenient cryptocurrency no matter how you use it.

XRP is also in limited supply, with a total cap of 100 billion tokens overall. This means that it will not see endless growth and that there will always be a market cap involved to help keep the prices stable but moving.

If you want more digital assets to use for crypto trading or just want to experiment with buying XRP, then it is definitely a worthwhile currency to try out. The payment platform that it works with is also a great alternative to other digital currencies, allowing for faster payments on a global network.

How to buy Ripple?

In practical terms, you can buy Ripple with GBP at any cryptocurrency exchange. However, the real question is where to buy Ripple and how you should actually do it.

Using a cryptocurrency exchange is the most common-sense answer, but many people forget that not all exchanges are created equal. Even if they were, not every person will buy Ripple in the same amounts or for the same reasons, and you want to choose something that suits your buying preferences.

When you buy Ripple, it is important to make sure that you are not paying extra fees or putting your data at any unnecessary risk. That means choosing the right crypto exchange for buying Ripple, all while making sure that you know what you should even look for. Check Ripple price GBP at coinpass.

Use an Exchange

The best way to buy XRP is through a crypto exchange. These are crypto trading sites exclusively based on buying and selling digital currency (such as bitcoin) or fiat currency. If you want to trade crypto, these are the right places to do it.

Remember that cryptoassets are highly volatile. One of the key benefits of trying to trade XRP through an exchange is that the platform often analyses data in real-time, letting you see the current XRP UK price and XRP UK demand. It might even show you the current number of XRP UK coins in existence.

Since cryptoassets are highly volatile, any advantage you can get is important. An exchange often allows you to buy XRP at the exact current price rather than having to buy XRP from a third party who might overcharge or skew the facts. Choosing to buy XRP from an exchange also gives you access to extra features, such as platform-based crypto wallets or additional security.

Sign Up

The easiest way to buy XRP is to sign up to an exchange, get familiar with the site, and then just start buying. The sooner you buy XRP, the more you can experiment with it.

Signing up to an exchange is simple, although you will need to prove your identity. This means actually verifying who you are, usually through a driver's license or a similar document. The platform will usually tell you about all valid documents, as well as the expected delays involved.

Once you are all set up, create a crypto wallet and link it to the platform. This gives you a place to store the XRP you buy and acts as an off-site storage method. You will often want to set up at least one payment method too.

Start Trading

You can effectively buy XRP as soon as you get signed up, so do not hesitate to take a look at what is on offer right away.

Remember that you will want to buy XRP high and sell XRP low if you want to make a profit. How much XRP you buy depends entirely on the amount of XRP tokens you want to get, as well as your own budget and the current price to buy XRP tokens.

Choosing a Crypto Exchange

Finding the right cryptocurrency exchanges for your needs means understanding your actual requirements since no two exchanges are going to be identical. Some will offer higher fees for specific things or restrict your payment methods to certain options, and you need to be aware of this ahead of time.

Even if you think you have found a good crypto exchange, it never hurts to keep looking. A few more minutes of searching could be the difference between spending a lot on transaction fees and spending almost nothing on each transaction you make.

But what matters most when dealing with cryptocurrency exchanges? It can be easy to forget that exchanges often have major differences, and even small changes from one to another can have a huge impact on the way that the platform is meant to be used.


General platform features are always going to be the heart of cryptocurrency exchanges. They change the way that the platform operates, what you can actually do with the platform, and how it connects to the wider cryptocurrency "world".

For example, an extremely advanced crypto trading platform might provide more options for payment providers and have a lot more data that you can use as investment advice. However, they might also be more complex, and the fees could be higher to compensate for the added feature sets.

Trading Tools

Good trading features make a platform even more effective, and it is something that can be useful for both new and long-time traders. Having more optional ways to trade allows you to use increasingly niche tools as you get more experienced with the market and helps you deal with situations that your normal trading options can't.

An in-depth trading feature set might be incredibly useful for seasoned traders but not matter much for a new trader. However, over time, you might come to learn how to use those trading tools, so having them available can make a big difference.

Having a platform that you can "grow into" matters a lot if you intend to keep going with XRP trading in the long-term, either for crypto or fiat currency. The more advanced your needs get, the more important it becomes to have a platform you are familiar with that can support them.


While not necessarily a feature, fees play a large role in many exchanges. They can be fees for specific actions, fees that are given over time, or even just one-time fees for certain features. No matter what causes them, it is important to recognise that they are there when you are looking for a new exchange.

Fees change the way you approach trading on a platform. If you have high per-transaction fees, then you will probably trade XRP in larger amounts as a bulk transaction, minimising the amount of fees you have to pay. If the fees are low, you might stick to making smaller, individual trades instead.

It helps to think about how you plan to use the site. If you are going to buy Ripple, trade it, and then withdraw the profits, you can probably ignore fees for things like purchases or light transaction fees. However, if fees for those things are especially high, then the platform might not be suited to your goals.

Fees can apply to other things as well - deposits, withdrawals, or even trades between specific currencies. Looking into potential fees before you start using the platform is important since you do not want to be caught off guard by extra fees that you were not expecting.

Most sites will explain their fees in FAQ sections or on specific sections of the platform. Be sure to look into this information before you commit and buy Ripple since you might be hit with a withdrawal fee if you decide to move your Ripple to another platform later on.

The lowest trading fees are often the best, especially for cross-border payments. This keeps the XRP price low overall since you trade for less and also makes it easy to buy XRP UK-wide. Once they buy XRP, UK sellers can resell it for the full XRP price without losing much money on the fees.

Privacy Features

If you want to buy XRP UK-wide, then you need to remember that privacy is extremely important. While security is a whole other matter entirely, some people use crypto over fiat currencies specifically because of the anonymity they can offer. Not all platforms allow this anonymity, though.

If you find that anonymity is really important to you, then there will be platforms that allow it, but they are quickly disappearing thanks to new government regulations. Even so, some will offer more privacy features than others, so you will want to consider things like identity verification and the overall amount of trust you can put in each platform.


As you might expect, security is the most important part of any crypto exchange. Even the most well-established cryptocurrency exchange with the most advanced cryptocurrency research tools is useless if all of your digital assets can be stolen in a heartbeat.

Good security means proper protection from common threats to your cryptocurrency wallet, something that can often happen now that crypto has become much more popular. The growing risks of scamming cryptocurrency traders, fake trading platforms, biased trading CFDs and other crypto wallet dangers are something a good platform will protect you from. Remember that crypto is decentralised. If your money gets stolen, you might not have an easy way to get compensation, and it is all too easy to accidentally give up information through a sketchy UK bank transfer. Because of this, choosing the right platforms makes a huge difference.

Identity Verification

Many platforms will force users to verify their identity to access any important features, something that is extremely important to all new arrivals. If you want to buy Ripple from a legitimate platform, then you will have to verify yourself, which generally means proving your identity.

This is to stop fake accounts or stolen identities from getting involved in trying to buy Ripple XRP, UK-based or otherwise. The more verification a site has, the safer it will usually be. This means that choosing the right platform can have major benefits to your overall account safety, something that makes a huge difference to the average trader.

Keep in mind that identity verification also needs you to verify yourself, and different platforms require different things. For example, some may only want to see a copy of your driver's license, while others will need a full passport. You have to decide how much you are willing to give up for improved security.

Virus Protection

Viruses and malware can often try to sneak into popular platforms, infesting certain pages and spreading to devices that download the wrong file or do not use appropriate antivirus software. If this happens, there could be serious consequences, from your crypto being stolen to your entire device being wiped clean.

Since crypto is a digital asset, it can be very vulnerable to malicious attacks. While you should also employ your own antivirus methods anyway, it helps to have a stronger and better-protected platform to work with.

Even if your crypto wallet is safe and disconnected from the internet, crypto exchanges can still be vulnerable. If your bank account details are stored there, then this can become a whole other problem since your bank account login may be leaked. It only takes some basic bank account info for a third party to make a bank transfer in your name.

For this reason, choosing a secured platform provides better protection for both your digital currency and fiat currency. If you can't rely on financial institutions to protect your digital currency, then at least choose exchange platforms that will protect it instead.

Wallets and Private Keys

Online wallets offered by exchanges have their own private keys, meant to make them completely separate and safe. However, it is up to you whether you want to use the wallet on the platform or stick with your own.

Despite having their own private keys, some platforms may have less secure wallets than others. Even if you are just using them as a place to hold your coins while buying Ripple, it is important to not get too comfortable. Wallets are meant to be secure, and sometimes using your own is the safer option than going with the default wallet presented by an exchange.

In many cases, it might be better to think about how you are using your wallets. A good cryptocurrency wallet is one that you can keep safe, but not every crypto wallet offered by an exchange is going to have the same safety features. Look into them ahead of time and decide if their crypto wallet is worth relying on - you do not want to be caught off guard.

Remember that support can cover many things. While it is obviously relevant if you choose to buy crypto, you might also need customer support for things like trying to convert bitcoin into XRP, handling Ripple trading, getting faster payments, or even just connecting your debit card to the platform. A single technical fault or coding error can become a nightmare if you have no way to get it resolved.

Customer Support

Good customer support is not just about answering queries. With customer support, Ripple buyers can get access to proper protection and assistance if something goes wrong - for example, buying Ripple and not having it show up in your account.

If this happens, then you want to make sure that you have some form of support and protection. Good customer support can be invaluable, and it is often one of the first things that better platforms will strive to improve. When buying XRP UK-wide, it helps to have a platform that both supports XRP and supports your ability to buy XRP without technical faults.

If a platform offers no convenient form of support, then you can't necessarily rely on it to back you up if something goes wrong. If your preferred payment method suddenly stops working when you try to buy XRP with fiat currencies, you want an easy way to alert them to the issue and get the bank transfer approved or fixed.

User Experience

You always want a platform to actually be usable and comfortable, and that means understanding what kind of user experience you are looking for. This is not just about the general purpose of the site, but deeper details like the design and the specific functions it aims to provide.

For example, some platforms may be specifically designed for serious trading, focusing mostly on appealing to retail investor accounts and other larger-scale traders. This could mean showing a lot of trading CFGs and in-depth information at the expense of being easy to understand.

On the other hand, some are going to be much more simple, billing themselves as a trading platform for newcomers. These might be a great place to experiment with buying and selling Ripple coins, but they might possess a more limited set of features.


There is no point using a trading platform if you can't find your way around it properly. When you want to buy Ripple, it is important to know how you can access the relevant pages and functions, and many platforms do not have the most intuitive navigation design.

While you can probably find information like the Ripple price (GDP) or Ripple share price UK-wide, you might not be able to find more specific information about currencies like Ripple in the UK. Poor navigation also means that the site takes longer to learn, especially for a first-time trader.

If a platform is going to be your introduction into the world of crypto, then you need to find one that you are comfortable with. If you can't navigate a site correctly, you are more likely to make mistakes and trade crypto in ways that you did not intend to - especially if you have no idea where to find certain pieces of data or platform-related advice.

Navigation can also be indicative of a larger problem. If a platform is hard to navigate, it most likely has not been updated or refined in a while, which can often mean that other features are out-of-date or clunky to use as well. The more out-of-date a website is, the riskier it can be, especially one that deals directly with your bank or crypto wallet.


How accessible is the platform? Some are designed to only work on particular devices, with mobile becoming more and more popular compared to desktop computers in some cases. There are even some platforms that are primarily mobile-focused, with the browser version being more out of obligation to support PC users.

If a platform is not accessible easily, then you never know what might happen. If your phone breaks, you might not have an easy way to buy or sell Ripple or even withdraw your crypto as fiat currencies.

In other cases, an older phone may not even be able to access the app version properly anymore, cutting you out of the loop.

Beyond that, there are accessibility concerns like language. Some platforms are multilingual, while others are translated automatically or rely on your browser's translation software. Trying to use a crypto exchange in another language can be incredibly hard and might even risk you accidentally selling something you did not intend to.


While you might not expect it at first, most exchanges rely on speed. For a lot of currencies, you are relying on real-time information to make deals - you buy Ripple when it is low and sell Ripple when it is high. Cryptocurrency like Ripple can change in value by the second, and this relies on a constant flow of data.

Slow exchanges are not just annoying due to the longer loading times, but they can be actively detrimental to how the site functions. A server crash or connection error can be even worse since that might actively cause the trades you just made to not complete property.

Choosing a site that functions well and loads quickly makes a big difference, so do not be afraid to take platform speed into account. It can make a huge impact if you are going to trade regularly.


The app version of a platform can be a great way to trade from a mobile device, but not all platforms actually have an app. Sometimes an exchange's cryptocurrency trading platform will rely on browser versions or will not even be fully supported on mobile.

When you are looking for a new platform, you want one that you can use comfortably, and that might mean deciding on whether or not an app is right for you. Apps can be convenient, but they might also have different feature sets compared to the desktop version or only work on some devices.

On the plus side, you can always buy XRP on one device and then use it on another, meaning that the app and the other versions of the platform are the same system. This added flexibility can be a great addition to a platform that you were already considering using.

Payment Options

When you buy XRP, you have to decide how you are actually going to pay for it. If you do not have any other digital currencies in your crypto wallet for direct crypto trading, then that means using regular currency. If you are not doing anything fancy, like trading CFDs, then you will likely end up using your debit card.

Most platforms accept a debit card, but not all other payment methods will be available. For example, you might not be able to use certain online payment platforms or even use a credit card instead of a debit card.

Be sure to look into your available payment options, as well as the options on the platform, before committing. This could be important if you value your privacy and want to use specific methods of payment that hide a lot of your personal details.


Should I buy crypto like XRP UK-wide with fiat currency?

If you decide to buy XRP UK, then you are getting access to another currency that major financial institutions do not have direct control over. This is a good enough reason for many people to buy XRP, UK or otherwise, but UK Ripple is not just about control.

The fluctuating XRP price makes it a great investment option, and many people buy XRP UK-wide to sell as part of their crypto trading hobbies.

Do the UK Financial Conduct Authority and Financial Services Compensation Scheme apply to crypto assets?

An unprotected crypto asset is generally not covered by mainstream financial institutions like UK or EU investor protection, the FCA or FSCS. This means that you will not have coverage over your crypto, even in circumstances where it was stolen through illicit means.

Even financial institutions that handle crypto holdings may not be covered. For example, retail investor accounts from major businesses that buy Ripple XRP may not be covered if somebody steals it or corrupts the data in their wallet.

When you buy XRP UK, you deposit funds knowing that you need to look out for yourself. Be sure you have protection lined up even before you deposit funds on your chosen platform for the first time.

Should I buy Ripple in the UK without legal protection?

Since you lack UK or EU investor protection and support from the UK Financial Conduct Authority, it is important to make up for that lack of UK/EU investor protection. Cryptoassets are highly volatile, but in terms of safety, they can be protected quite easily.

Taking them out of the crypto world is as simple as placing them in a crypto wallet - ideally a "cold" wallet with no connection to the internet - unless you need them. That way, you can buy XRP and keep it saved until it is needed, hidden away from online threats.

Should you use a debit card for buying Ripple in the UK?

Buying Ripple in the UK is like buying any other cryptocurrency, and that makes your debit card a good option. In fact, using a debit card can often mean that you will not spend anything above your budget since you can't spend more than you have.

This is a great safety measure for people who are worried about spending too much or who just do not want to fiddle around with setting up any other options. Just be sure to not give your details to any sketchy sites. Check Ripple price GBP at coinpass.

Does Capital Gains Tax apply if I buy Ripple in the UK?

If you buy XRP, then you are liable to pay capital gains tax under the same scenarios as normal assets. When you buy XRP, you are buying an asset similar to bitcoin, cash, or anything else with value.

Also, like bitcoin/cash/etc., you will have to report that you buy XRP when dealing with certain tax forms. Choosing to buy XRP basically means purchasing an asset, and financial institutions need to know about assets with value that can rise and fall - similar to stocks.