Packages and pricing

Our package and pricing models have been designed to be well within the grasp of the starting webmaster with a few members as well as the seasoned webmaster with hundreds, if not, thousands of members.

Priced at less than one membership account at most sites, our "Bronze" package is the most popular paid package among our members.


Monthly Plan
Plan Name
Free Unlimited Free No disable & no redirect
Bronze Up to 350 $ All
Silver Up to 1150 $ All
Gold Up to 5250 $ All
Platinum Unlimited $ All

How to purchase

You need to first signup for a 'Free' account before you can purchase any of the above packages, after signing up, login to your coinpass control panel and either continue using your free account as long as you like or make a paid package purchase directly from there!

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While on the 'Free' plan, you will get all the regular features (like detailed stats) of Coinpass except disable and redirection.
(The 'disable' feature is what automatically turns off accounts and blocks IP addresses when it detects a compromised login on your site.
The 'Redirection' feature is the option you have of redirecting the person with the rogue login to some other page...for example your partners TGP site or a page full of ads!).

Once you are familiar with the system and wish to have all the features Coinpass is offering, you may upgrade to any paying plan. All paid plans unlock all of Coinpass' features including 'Compromised Account Blocking' and 'Compromised Account Redirection'.


You do not need to have one Coinpass account for each of your sites, under one Coinpass account you may protect as many sites as you wish, without a limit.
'Logins' are calculated as the total number of member logins across all the sites under your Coinpass account.
Please note: This does not take into account how many members you have, just the number of members who login per day on all your sites.

Note that all logins are counted per day and they do not "carry over"

i.e. If you are on the Bronze package and you get 350 logins on day one, the balance 50 logins do not carry over to day two.

One of our most frequently asked questions is: "what happens when my site's logins reach my paid package's quota for the day?"
The answer is: Coinpass will stop monitoring your sites logins ( no blocking/redirecting/stats) once your 'Login Quota' has been reached till the next day when your account will again refresh with the number of logins in your respective package (e.g. The Bronze package will give you 350 fresh logins)

If you find your package's logins are insufficient with your sites growth, you may upgrade your package at any time and be protected.

Need help?

Be it technical or normal support, you can count on a quick and to the point response from a friendly online support representative. Other than for the 50 early bird registrations we do not offer phone support, you may contact us at any time via email or using our online form.

If you require us to install the Coinpass system on your site, simply open a installation ticket and our tech department will be most happy to oblige, absolutely free of cost, no matter if you are on a paid or a free package.
The first installation is free, after which we charge a modest $7 per additional site which goes directly to the technician who does your installation.

If required we also have a frequently updated 'Frequently Asked Questions' (FAQ) section which in most cases will answer your question/s.

What's left?

All that's left is for you to signup and get instant access to the Coinpass control panel where you can download the Coinpass client script and install it on your server!
Full step by step installation instructions are available at the very place you download the client script!

Be protected in the next 5 minutes! Click the link below to signup!

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