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As you might already know…
there are many ways to protect your website, but here's why Coinpass is the best:

* No hassle of compiling anything on your server.
Coinpass does not just protect your first page or any particular page but your whole members area.
* You don’t have to add any code or change a single page of your site.
* Create some accounts which will never be disabled no matter what, you might do this for internal use, testing or for accounts used by a group?
* Coinpass is totally crontab independent.
* No need to recompile Apache or add any modules, recompiling apache is not only complicated but a pain in the……:-)
* Make money off the people who use your “leaked” or “cracked” passwords by redirecting them to a URL of your choice instead of just giving them a common “Denied” message.
* If your protection is based on a a SSI method or tagged based like <IMG SRC> it can easily be tricked by just accessing another page on your members section.
* Limit your users from "leeching" your members area directly from Coinpass
* Little or no overhead in CPU resources and no bandwidth hogging.
* All log files and statistics are kept on our server…so you don’t have to bother with them.
* Use your time to concentrate on your site instead of worrying about unauthorized people getting in.
* Excellent friendly and helpful quality support available nearly 16hrs a day.
* Decentralized protection - even if our site is down (for whatever reason) your members will be able to access your members area without a problem.
* Cheap! Startup plans cost less than most sites charge for one member account plus think how much you will be saving in bandwidth and server resources
* Free installation of the software is just a request away.


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