Minimum requirements to run Coinpass

- Works on all UNIX and Linux flavored systems Perl 5.003 or greater
- Excels on the Apache web server but has no problems with Netscape’s    servers
- “Mod_rewrite” is the only Apache module required
- If you are having any problems or wish so, we can have a trained technician install the coinpass system on your web server for you…no charge of course even for test / non-paying accounts.


Coinpass' features

* Protects you from:    
Brute force attacks
Password traders
Proxy based attacks
* Limit bandwidth to your users so they cant “leech” your site
* Quick installation – be protected in a few minutes
* NO setup costs or hidden charges
* Works even with mass proxy hits
* You can specify some accounts which no matter what will never be disabled by Coinpass
* Once installed the software will run quietly in the background all the time protecting your assets
* No overhead – runs quietly without hogging resources or bandwidth
* Earn money from your “compromised logins”,
e.g.: purposely “leak” your login/s and when someone logs in via that account automatically send the user to a nominated URL of your choice…maybe filled with your sponsors banners?
* 30 days archival of your members statistics which include member usernames and downloaded MB
* Decentralized protection - even if our site is down (for whatever reason) your members will be able to access your members area without a problem.
* Quick *helpful* customer support nearly 16hrs a day by email, fax, messenger or phone (depending on package)



Installation of the Coinpass system on your server/s

After signing up for Coinpass you can immediately access the members area and your control panel. From here you can download the client software, make a few changes and transfer it to your web site.

Then add a few lines of generated code to your servers configuration file (usually named “httpd.conf”), restart apache and you are immediately under our protection!

Unlike some of our competitors you DO NOT need to add any code to your existing pages or change them in any way.

Even with the step by step instructions if you do run into any problems or uncomfortable with installations/computers we are here to help you along the way or even install it for you at NO charge at all.

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