Is that all?
Actually no, we at Coinpass take this a whole step further in ensuring our clients have the best protection possible and leaving our competitors far behind.

Twice a week our software "robot" searches the net for compromised logins at most of the "known places", these logins are then compiled into a file list and given a mathematical probability using a special algorithm developed by us.

The generated file list is then checked against our database to see if they match any of our customers sites,
if yes, our program will connect to your site and the login is checked, if found to be genuine then the login is automatically blacklisted/blocked or ignored depending on the customers settings in his CoinPass Control Panel settings.

In some cases the logins will be emailed to you based on your package and our server load at that minute.

I already use an anti-password trading on my site..

Good! Then you already know what's out there and you have taken steps to safeguard your business against them.
The question you now have to ask yourself is: Is the protection good enough?

You have two options:

OPTION 1. Using a service like ours, and if you compare us to anybody out there, feature for feature, cent for cent, we are the best.

OPTION 2. Using software installed on your server designed to check for logins from multiple locations, multiple IP addresses, bad proxies etc

Although the second option is usually a cheaper one and does give you a certain amount of protection, its not a very effective security model.

Here are a few pros and cons of the second option


1. Cheap! These systems cost very little in comparison and are usually a one payment deal where you get the script and install it on your server.

2. Quite effective for sites with very few members or sites just starting out.

3. Stops most "newbie crackers"


1. If a person brute forces himself into your members area and your script detects it, it will most likely just block that proxy or IP address he used. If the person uses multiple anonymous proxies the above method will have very limited success in blocking everyone.

2. It "tags" only the "bad people" who try to brute force or force their way into your members area, it does not have a clue as to the identity of the person _before_ he tries his luck.

3. Some systems need to be compiled into the web server

4. Some systems need a good understanding of computers to install the scripts or charge an installation fee for the developers to install.

On the other hand if you compare the above with our system this is what you will see:


1. Cheap! It may not be as cheap as a one time deal but our starting plans usually cost less than the price of a single membership on most paid membership sites!

2. Multiple parameter blocking; IP, Login, Proxy, Subnet.

3. Blacklisted sharing: A person blocked on any web site on our network gets blocked on all sites of our network.


If on our network we have 26 example sites: site a, site b, site c....site z

:If a person X gets blocked at site "a" then his details will be recorded and shared among all sites thus X will automatically be refused entry at sites a-z, even if X has logged into more than 1 site on the network at the same time or is in the middle of multiple downloads.

4. Does not need to be compiled into the server software, just a few lines need to be added to the httpd.conf file of apache and it requires the PERL mod_rewrite module to be installed, which it usually is and most hosts don't have a problem installing it if it is not..

5. Easy to install or have us install it for you...free!

6. Try before you buy! Except for disabling/redirecting accounts our test accounts do everything else....test out our system NOW by clicking here!


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