What code do I have to add to my webpages?
What does the code look like?
is it a lot of code i have to add to my webpages?

These are some of the most common but same questions about our system so we grouped them into one large multiple type question, the answer is:
There is NO code you need to add to your webpages, your webpages stay exactly the same.
You (or your web host) only need to add a small piece of code to your web server's config file (usually named httpd.conf),and one PERL file on your server (the PERL file is less than 20kb) to see what the code that goes on your web server looks like and how much click here or here
to see what the CGI file looks like, click here




Is there a significant speed slowdown by using the Coinpass system?

Not at all! The Coinpass system runs very fast and with little or no overhead.
Chances are you will not notice any difference or your members might notice a few seconds lag during their login. The server on whole will notice little or no difference even if its running multiple installations of the Coinpass system.




What happens if for whatever reason the Coinpass.com server is down? Will that mean members wont be able to sign into my members area?

A very important question as no web host so far really has 100% uptime.
No, your members will be able to login to your members area without a problem and your web site will run without a problem.
The Coinpass system would still be running on your server so it would be partially effective, the other good news for you is if it does block anyone those blocks wont be counted towards your overall block count if you are using the paid option with us!




I am using <insert name here> as my billing / credit card processor, is that ok or will the Coinpass system not work with it?

The Coinpass system is not dependant nor interferes with any payment system or processor, its compatible with 100% of all billing systems / credit card processors.






I understand there are different packages that offer a different number of login protections, what happens if for example I take the 300 per day option and that gets used before the end of the days refill?

The Coinpass system will block you for the number of blocks (e.g. logins) that is under your paid package (free accounts don't have the blocking feature enabled), anything over that amount will not be protected.
if you have purchased a 300 logins package, then the Coinpass system will protect you for the first 300 logins of that day anything over that will not be protected but it will be logged for free if you check in your Coinpass control panel.





I don't have PERL or Apache's mod_ rewrite module installed on my web server, what do i do?

Most hosting accounts come with PERL already installed and Apache's mod_ rewrite but if that's not the case with your hosting account, simply email your web host and they will install them for you, they are both free packages that they can download via the web and comparatively easy to install.





My members area has PHP/CGI/SSI pages, not html....what do i have to do to make it work there?

The Coinpass system is not dependant nor effect what type of pages/scripts your members area is made up of and so it does not matter if you are running PHP/CGI/SSI or plain HTML pages in your members area, Coinpass will work without a problem.






I have multiple sites, do you have a group discount rate?

You don't need a group discount rate! You can add multiple sites on your one Coinpass account by logging into the Coinpass control panel. All your sites will get protected under the package your have purchased.
Note: This works for free accounts too although some features are disabled.






I need this installed on my server, how can i request an installation from Coinpass's support and what are the charges per server?

No problem, just click here to open an installation ticket and we will get back to you.
A trained technician will install the Coinpass system on your server, there are no installation charges, even for free or multiple accounts/installations.





Are the free accounts really free? What's the catch?

Yes, the free accounts are really free.
No catch, by offering you free accounts we hope you will join for one of our paid packages after trying our system for as long as you like.
The Coinpass system is the best value for money protection for your web site, but don't take our word for it sign up with a free account and see for yourself!






I don't have a credit card, can I still join?

Coinpass does not require age verification so you don't require a credit card to create your free account, simply click here enter your details and your free account will be instantly created for you.
For paid accounts other than credit card we accept cheque, wire, bank transfer and paypal please contact us for us to make arrangements for your alternative payment method.





How can i limit the number of files a user can download from my members area?

1. Login to your Coinpass control panel,
2. under "site" click on your site (you should have created your sites account first of course)
3. click the "modify" icon
4. Set your limit in the "Maximum Bytes" field

Optionally you may download the total help file after logging into your control panel or using the online help under "getting started / advanced configuration"





Will my bandwidth/server space go up?
e.g.: is Coinpass a bandwidth hog?

Not at all, most of our very large sites on the Coinpass network use well under 1 MB per day!






I have a question that is not answered on this page...

No problem, click here to email support with your question and we will get back to you as soon as possible!




Convinced? Sign up for a free account now by clicking here!



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